California Minimum Wage Changes for 2022

California Minimum Wage Changes for 2022

2022 is within our reach, and for California employees, the new year means a new required minimum wage for the Golden State. For some employers, though, the new state minimum wage doesn’t outweigh their city’s ordinance regarding minimum wage. The attorneys at Guardian Litigation Group break down what you need to know when it comes to the required minimum wage for 2022.

State Minimum Wage

For 2022, the state minimum wage is $15 per hour for an employer who has 26 or more employees. Employers who have 25 or fewer employees are required to pay $14 per hour.

Many cities have initiated their own ordinances for minimum wage. Another aspect many California employees need to keep in mind is that the state’s minimum wage is higher than the regulated federal minimum wage. Currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.25, but many states have chosen to increase their state minimum wage. By 2023, all California employers will be required to pay employees $15 per hour.

Cities That Have a Higher Minimum Wage

In San Francisco, the minimum wage rises to $15.80 at the beginning of 2022. Having a minimum wage higher than the state minimum wage is common in dozens of California cities.

What Employees Need to Know

Especially if an employee works for a small business, the state’s minimum wage increase could affect their employment directly. Business owners who have only been paying the minimum wage will need to reassess their finances to ensure their bottom line isn’t affected by the new regulations. While many changes may need to be made with several employers, any employee who the changes will directly impact should be given adequate time to process the changes.

California Employment Lawyers Ready to Help You

Unfortunately, many employers do not take their employees’ feelings into account. This can cause resentment and, more importantly, negatively impact an employee’s desire to work or perform a satisfactory job. While everyone should be properly compensated for their work, employees could run into trouble if they do not meet their standard expectations. When you contact Guardian Litigation Group, we’re here to help you in every way possible. When dealing with unpredictable various situations, our attorneys are ready to help because of their wide variety of conditions.

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