Highly-Rated Irvine, California Estate Planning Attorneys List the Top Reasons You Need a Last Will and Testament

I Just Moved to Irvine, CA: Do I Need a New Will?

Everyone in Irvine, CA – and elsewhere in Orange County – needs a last will and testament. This is true even for people who are, chronologically, still young in age. A will is defined here in California as a legal document that directs how assets and possessions are to be distributed after death. A will also identifies a person (or persons) who is given the authority to execute the directions set forth in the will. The highly-rated estate planning attorneys at Guardian Litigation Group can help you draft your will and make sure it is legally valid and enforceable. Under California law, a will must be signed under strict and explicit conditions to be valid. We can ensure a will is executed correctly. Call us at (949) 444-5474 for a consultation. Here are several top reasons why you need a will here in Irvine.

Determine to Whom Assets/Property are Distributed

As noted, the major function of a will is to leave instructions on to whom assets/property are to be distributed. Assets/property can be distributed to family members, friends, charities, and others. A will also gives a person the ability to NOT leave assets and property to certain individuals. This can be important sometimes if there is a dispute among family members. In the absence of a will, property and assets are distributed per California State law, which basically distributes assets to family members.

Honoring Family and Friends and Support Causes

Along the same lines, a will can be a method of honoring particularly loved family members and good friends. Specific bequests can be made to such persons as a final token of love and affection. In a similar manner, bequests can be used as a final method of supporting your favorite charitable, religious, and political causes. This cannot be done if you do not prepare a will.

Ensuring Treasured Heirlooms and Property Go Where Desired

Likewise, a person may want certain treasured property and family heirlooms to remain in the family. A will can help ensure that those desires are accomplished.

Making Arrangements for Children, Loved Ones With Special Needs, and Pets

A will is also useful in making guardianship arrangements for minor children and loved ones who might have special needs. Although California court approval will be needed, a will can be used to designate the preferred guardian(s) for such persons. Aside from whether a guardian is needed, a will can provide financial support through specific bequests. A will can also provide for the rehoming of any pets that survive the passing.

Minimizing Expenses and Taxes

Through thoughtful and careful planning, a will can also help reduce probate expenses and lessen the burden of estate, gift, income, and business taxes.

Easing the Burden on Family Members Post-Death

As noted, a will generally identifies a person (or persons) who will be responsible for carrying out the instructions and winding up the decedent’s affairs. This includes gathering and paying final bills and matters of that sort. This can have the positive effect of easing the burden on family members after the passing. Having a person take charge of paying the bills, opening a probate estate, and handling the practical difficulties can give other family members and friends time for grieving and recovery.

Preventing Fights Over Assets/Property

Sadly, sometimes family and friends end up fighting over assets and property, particularly when they are significant. A will is one means of preventing heirs and beneficiaries from fighting in this manner.

Providing Funeral Instructions

Although not required, many people use their will to provide some instruction about the disposition of their remains, be it funeral instructions, cremation, etc.

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