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Although it’s never easy for employees to speak up when they witness their employer breaking the law or allowing harassment in the workplace, California has laws that protect whistleblowers if they alert the authorities of misconduct or health and safety violations. Our legal team at Guardian Litigation Group, LLP helps clients who have been fired or forced out of their jobs fight back against whistleblower retaliation.

Employees are protected by California's whistleblower laws if they:

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Employers who realize an employee reported their wrongdoing will try to make their working conditions less desirable in an attempt to force the employee to quit under their own volition. However, retaliation against an employee for filing a complaint in good faith is unlawful.

Common examples of whistleblower retaliation include:
  • Pay reduction or job demotion
  • Denying a pay raise or job promotion
  • Threatening to report an immigrant employee to ICE
  • Moving an employee to a less desirable or uncomfortable area of the office or worksite
  • Excluding an employee from important meetings
  • Poor or unfairly negative performance reviews
  • Denying access to resources that are necessary for the employee properly perform their job
  • Denying access to training or professional development opportunities
A successful whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against an employer can result in the employee being awarded the following damages:
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Compensation for physical pain, mental suffering, and/or loss of career opportunities
  • Punitive damages can be awarded in certain cases to punish the employer for egregious misbehavior and to reimburse attorney’s fees.

If you want to blow the whistle on workplace violations you have witnessed, then consulting with an experienced employment law attorney would be a smart move. We make it our top priority to ensure our client’s rights and best interests are protected throughout the legal process. We take great pride in helping workers of all backgrounds hold employers accountable for their retaliatory actions against whistleblowers, and we are prepared to put our skills to work for you today.

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Whistleblower Retaliation


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