Sexual Harassment: What is Quid Pro Quo?

Sexual Harassment: What is Quid Pro Quo?

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate action that can happen in the workplace. In particular, sexual harassment is defined in two categories: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

What Does Quid Pro Quo Mean?

Quid pro quo is Latin for “what for what.” This translates to someone doing something in return for something else. When it comes to sexual harassment, this could mean a supervisor telling an employee they will get a promotion if they have sex together. This is not only morally wrong but also illegal.

For a harassment claim to be quid pro quo it has to involve a supervisor and a subordinate. This can become tricky if a supervisor and a subordinate end up having sexual relations on their own without either party expecting something out of it in return. This is why in most workplaces supervisor and subordinate relationships are restricted.

This can also apply to a prospective employee. If the prospective employee is applying for a position and is told they will not get the job if they do not adhere to unwanted sexual acts, that is also defined as quid pro quo.

What Happens If Someone Is a Victim of Quid Pro Quo?

The biggest aid to anyone claiming quid pro quo occurred is documentation. This can be electronic messages, recordings, or anything documenting that quid pro quo took place. Even if there isn’t any documentation of the actions it’s important for a victim to speak with human resources or a different supervisor immediately.

Legal Remedies for Quid Pro Quo

There are many advantages to bringing a quid pro quo claim to court. First, a victim may be monetarily compensated for the pain and suffering they endured. Punitive damages may also be ordered against the defendant as a way to deter them from committing such acts in the future.

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