Guardians of the Community Initiative 2022


Guardian Litigation Group is proud to announce the launch of our Guardians of the Community Initiative, dedicated to providing our attorneys with the opportunity to use their skills and expertise for the benefit of others through pro bono work. Our attorneys understand that in order to make a meaningful impact in our community, we must act as guardians and find ways to give back. As part of this initiative, we are encouraging all of our attorneys to devote some of their time each year to volunteering their services through pro bono work. At the end of each year, we recognize and award the attorney who has logged in the most pro bono hours with our Guardian of the Community award.

We believe that it is our responsibility as members of society to help those less fortunate than us, and that pro bono work is an integral part of contributing to a greater good. Guardian stands by its commitment to making a difference by championing this initiative. Through our initiative, attorneys are able to provide advice, counsel and representation on a wide range of legal matters. Our aim is not just to give back but also create a society where access to justice is within reach. We are dedicated to improving lives through this meaningful initiative and look forward to seeing how many lives it can positively affect.